I swear I have a blog post titled that every time I travel to Kathmandu. You know, like the 80s song by Bob Seger (update yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd3Mt8JBBBg). 

Anyways, I'm in Doha, Qatar, waiting for my connecting flight. Landed here at around 5pm Qatar time, and my flight to KTM is at 4:30am the next morning. I managed to get into the business lounge, score me a fresh shower, some grub, and a cot to sleep for a bit. NICE. My flight boards in an hour or so and I'm so pumped. I LOVE landing in Kathmandu!

The whole Altitude Junkies team is already there, so I'll be the last one to arrive. We'll have our team meeting as soon as I arrive, go over gear, and then get it all ready to fly into the valley next day (we follow the day after that via chopper).

So that's that.

Quick shout out to my 2 big sponsors, Lokai and Denali Therapeutics. Both Alzheimer's related, which is perfect for this climb and my cause. More on the sponsors in a later post, but a quick little exciting note: Lokai hooked me up with 2 VR camera systems. The 6-camera Go Pro rig as well as the new Nokia OZO camera. Yeah....insane. If all goes well, I could be capturing the first 360 virtual reality footage on Everest. Stuff that you can watch from home and FEEL like you are on Everest right there with me. Crazy, right?

Alright I'm boarding now....K-K-K-KATMANDU!