We have some updates!

Phil went to a team rope fixing meeting the other day. Choppers will be flying the ropes up to Camp 1 today or tomorrow. This is flipping awesome because it means the Sherpas won't have to carry them through the Ice Fall. Safety for everyone! It's a historic first.

Yesterday was a rest/exercise day. I went up to Pumori Advanced Base Camp, which took me up to about 5700m and I just chilled there for an hour to breath the thin air. Two awesome things happened.

1. I saw what was probably the MOST amazing view of Everest I have ever seen! I've always thought that the view from Kala Pattar (a nearby trekking peak) was the best because you can see the whole top, but from Pumori, holy hell! You can see the North side AND South side of the mountain at the same time, if that makes any sense. Here is a photo. You can see base camp (yellow/orange tents below), the North Col (far left), the whole North Face (the left side of the mountain), the South side route (right side of the mountain), Lhotse (that rocky jutting out in the middle), the Lhotse face (below that), EVERYTHING! SO awesome.

2. As I was trekking up I ran into Roger, an Aussie I climbed with in 2011! Small world. Apparently he's back to climb Lhotse. Always funny to see old faces.

That's all for now!

Here's a cool picture of a sweet moonrise we had the other night. Bye.