I'm pretty sure people thought we were snobs in the KTM airport this morning. Filled with Trekkers and climbers, we made it known to all that we weren't flying fixed wing, but rather by helicopter. We did the thing! Flew by helicopter! No one does that haha. Were we obnoxious? Probably. Did our matching team aviator sunnies make us unbearable? Definitely. But I don't care, because we saved ourselves from having to trek in from Lukla to Namche (notorious for its mega hill) and also because I got one of the most beautiful flights (and coolest) is ever been on! Gosh that was awesome. 

When we landed in Namche, we unloaded the chopper and trekked downhill until we hit our lodge, the Moon Light lodge. Cozy little place with basic enough rooms and decent food.

I of course had Sherpa Stew, which is my absolute favorite dish here in the Everest valley - I've waited 5 years to have it again. It was glorious. Then we climbed down to the center of town for some bakery items and wifi. But I was so exhausted. Jet lag is still killing me. So a short nap came after and then just now, yummy Yak steak dinner.


Who knew climbing Everest was so easy and relaxing! Kidding...