Honestly. Where are the climbers, the Trekkers, the yaks? The Everest valley is so empty right now. It's eerie. I've only got 2011 to base this comparison on, but Alan and the rest of the team (who between them, have been out here dozens of times) agree as well.

There were rumors that this was going to be the case. Less people climbing the big mountain (and I guess less people trekking). Phil even said there are rescue choppers hanging at Lukla with nothing to do. No one is here to get rescued! Crazy. This bodes well for us up high though. Less crowds == more chance of success!! 

Anyways, we made it to Deboche today at around noon for some yummy Dhal Baht, staying at the sweet Rivendell Lodge. What a trek today. My pack is super heavy since I'm carrying all these cameras, and we had to go up Tengboche Hill, a steep-as-hell rise up to the famous Tengboche Monestary. I remembered doing it in 2011 and really finding my groove. Not so much today. I felt super sluggish. Heavier than I was in 2011. But I made it. I may have been sluggish but I'm feeling good mentally. All good there. 

Filmed a bit with my VR camera. Did I mention I'm lugging up the Nokia OZO VR camera? Think "first ever Everest virtual reality footage." YUP. Given to me by Lokai and Not a Billionaire. Just a quick mention to Not a Billionaire, the third sponsor of my climb, helping make the visual content of this climb INCREDIBLE.

Capturing some 360s in front of the Tengboche Monestary. 

Capturing some 360s in front of the Tengboche Monestary.